Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 117, 5-31-10

Today, Memorial Day, Chuck, Lauren and I went to the Cardinals game with Nana. All of a sudden the grounds crew was running the tarp out on the field. We didn't sit around to wonder why....we got under cover and it started POURING. Crazy heavy storm, but fast. After the rain, Chuck enjoyed the puddles.


This little guy was on the edge of the seat in front of me. Beautiful, huh? Really wish I had had the good camera with me!


Day 116, 5-30-10

Chuck has toys. A lot of toys. Yet, as is true for so many kids, he would rather play with other things. For instance, I got a bunch of free stuff from Walgreens today, including Cortaid, toothpaste, and tampons. And they were Chuck's favorite toys of the day.


Day 115, 5-29-10


Day 114, 5-28-10

We went to the Cards/Cubs game at Wrigley today. We were in the absolute top row. With a chilly wind blowing constantly. It was a little cold! Here are a couple of views from our seats.



Day 113, 5-27-10

Chuck has really gotten into the shape sorter toys that we have. This one is at Nana's house. Please note the incredibly cute overalls. Heehee.


He loves this pillow on Nana's couch.


Ya got a little something on your face.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 111, 5-25-10

Today Chuck and I went to the Magic House for a little bit before taking Marc lunch.





Day 110, 5-24-10


Day 109, 5-23-10

Reading the paper.


Today I was a part of the graduation ceremony for CHS's 100th graduating class.


Day 108, 5-22-10

Today we visited Marc while he was working at Fenton's firehouse open house. It was hot as blazes standing in the sun on the pavement! Poor Marc had his flight suit on!


Day 107, 5-21-10

Yes, I caved and bought the Huggies that look like jeans. Totally silly purchase. He was NONE too happy about having his picture taken. Someone had just woken up on the wrong side of the crib.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 106, 5-20-10

Now that Chuck is feeling better, I got the bubble machine back out. He had a blast. Since there was little wind, the bubbles didn't get swept away immediately and we got some HUGE bubbles!





Day 105, 5-19-10

Chuck and I have both been sick for 10 days. Yesterday's trip to the zoo was our first time out of the house in over a week. Today we had our last baby play class. Chuck was "off." He played, but very seriously, very much clinging to me, which is not at all like him.


Day 104, 5-18-10

We went to the zoo today. It was an amazingly beautiful day. The forecast for the next few days calls for rain, rain, rain, then 90+ degrees. We were NOT the only people at the zoo.


Day 103, 5-17-10

Our very tolerant cat, losing his patience. This is moments before tears started.


Day 102, 5-16-10

Look at the face on Chuck! Daddy and son playing ball and loving it!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 101, 5-15-10


He has at least two good sized toys in there with him. This seems to be a new favorite hangout.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Total aside

Do you have pictures that you look back on and love? I do. I may not remember the moment, but I treasure the picture. I sometimes wonder, as I post all these pictures, whether Chuck will feel that way about one of these. Whether when he puts together a slide show of his life (not that he will EVER know what a real slide show is) he will always include one of these pictures.

Ah, I guess 18 months is making me philosophical. is a picture that I love and treasure. I do not remember the moment, but I sure remember the love and the feeling of being safe in my Daddy's arms. It is from the summer of '76 when I would have been 3.5 years old.

OMG! I don't think I have EVER noticed Dad's pants in this picture. NICE!!!!

Scan 10

Day 100, 5-14-10

This worked out well. Today my baby is 18 months old. How the HECK did that happen?!!? It still totally freaks me out that this creature that was once inside of me now toddles up to me to ask for milk or help or snuggles.

My two all time favorite men:

A fun comparison picture:

Day 99, 5-13-10

Gosh I am glad today wasn't day 100! I took a grand total of THREE pictures today. And this was the best. Seriously. Between having a sick baby, driving to no man's land to see a lacrosse game that had a couple tornado delays (that MAY be an exaggeration), and not getting a lot of sleep, I just didn't pick the camera up much today!
So instead, I took this mediocre picture and played with all the weird things that photoshop can do with a picture. A couple of them I kinda like. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.





Day 98, 5-12-10

My mom pointed out to me that at some point Chuck was going to have to learn how to eat off a plate. It just hadn't occurred to me. I was so used to putting him in the high chair and putting his food on the high chair tray....a plate? Really?? So I gave it a go....What do you know? My mom was right (don't tell her that, ok?)
Do note, though, that the fork is still sitting on the table untouched as he shovels his dinner straight into his mouth. I guess that is our next challenge.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 97, 5-11-10

Chuck was feeling a little better today. He did, however, take a four hour nap. As a treat we got out the balls. At one point all 250 of them were on the kitchen floor!


Once again Ernie shows how tolerant he is of Chuck.


Day 96, 5-10-10

This is what Chuckles looked like in the middle of the night, the FIRST time he woke up. For the record, he sleeps through the night every night. And he got up TWICE Sunday night, the second time with a fever of 103.1ยบ.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 95, 5-9-10

Sorry this one is so large, but I am impressed with myself! I removed a table and the bubble machine from this picture and I think I did a pretty good job!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 94, 5-8-10

Does this look like what my son is supposed to be doing at 2 am?!?! He woke up at 1 and was all ready to play. GGGGRRRRRR.


Here he is sitting like a big boy on the bench at Lion's Choice.


Day 93, 5-7-10

Which one of these best conveys, "Mom, quit taking my picture!"



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 92, 5-6-10

Not loving that this was shot at f/1.4. I think it would be a better shot at 2-point-something. The ear being out of focus is not a good thing. But I still think he is cute!

Day 91, 5-5-10


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 90, 5-4-10

He runs. He truly runs. Oh, boy.


And more fun with the bubble machine. (To be fair, I put the kid down for a nap at 3 and didn't see him again! We left for our date night before we woke up and got back after he was down for the night!)