Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 254, 10-15-10


Day 253, 10-14-10


Day 252, 10-13-10

Chuck does pretty well at Lauren's field hockey games. I bring along markers and paper for him to color with. Today the wind kept blowing the pages of his coloring book open. He thought it was hysterical.

Day 251, 10-12-10

I truly hope you can see this. We went out to dinner tonight, the four of us plus Grandpa. Chuck ate quite a bit of his sandwich, so I gave him some fries. And some ketchup. Yup, that is ketchup IN HIS HAIR. I am still so amazed at how he can spread his food all over himself.


Day 250, 10-11-10

Chuck won't keep anything on his head. So instead of the super cute lion costume I was planning on putting him in, I think he is going to be a skeleton for Halloween. His little slipper-shoes even glow in the dark.


Day 249, 10-10-10-

Isn't she stunning?


Day 248, 10-9-10

Enjoying his Coupe in Nana's driveway.


Day 247, 10-8-10

Chuck singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Can you believe this was the only time I had any camera out all day?? And it was my phone!

Day 246, 10-7-10



Day 245, 10-6-10

Mommy getting some snuggles.

Day 244, 10-5-10

Today was my mother's birthday. We celebrated by going to a spa. Then we had lunch. It was quite delightful.

Then I snapped this picture late at night. It isn't very often that the two cats are all cuddly without biting each other.

Day 243, 10-4-10

Today I bought a potty. I put it out for Chuck to see it. This is what he proceeded to do with it. Yes, that is bread in the potty. He is eating out it. Hmmm.....I don't think he *quite* gets the idea, yet.

Day 242, 10-3-10

Today was the last game of the Cardinal's season. What a beautiful day we had.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 241, 10-2-10

Yes, another sunglasses picture. Seriously, he loves them. These are Maddie's, and he was running back and forth down the hall with them on. By the way....he is modeling some of those awesome clothes Aunt Karen sent....the sweater and the pants.


Day 240, 10-1-10

Today Marc and I took Chuck to Grant's Farm. It was Marc and Chuck's first times, and my first since childhood. First there is a tram ride through a wildlife preserve where we saw long horn cattle, buffalo, deer, a bald eagle, a zebra.....and I am sure more.


Then we got to the area where you can feed the goats. We went inside, but Chuck got overwhelmed by the goats being fairly aggressive about pushing in to get the bottle of milk. So he fed them from the other side of the fence.


Day 239. 9-30-10

I took Chuck to a park today. This was his first time on a big kid swing. He never quite relaxed. He kept asking for more, so I guess he liked it. Can't tell from his face, though!


Didn't look too thrilled in the bath later, either.


Day 238, 9-29-10

As I am sorting through all the wonderful clothes Aunt Karen sent Chuck, this is what my son is doing. He climbed on the bed, found sunglasses, and started "reading" this book. I *have* mentioned that he likes sunglasses, right? LOL!


Day 237, 9-28-10

Chuck and I went to the Magic House today. The baby area has had a facelift. There are new ball pits, including this one with a mirror. It was hilarious to see him reach out and hit the mirror as he tried to reach for a specific ball. He was also very interested in checking himself out!


Day 236, 9-27-10

Today I got three HUGE boxes in the mail from my amazing sister. All clothes her boys wore back in the day for Chuck to wear now and in the future. He is SET. But instead of sharing some of the amazing clothes she sent me, I want to share with you a bonus item that was included. This is a stink bug. The same stink bug that is making major news in the Mid-Atlantic states for infestations that are resistant to bug sprays that we have. Lovely.


Day 235, 9-26-10

This is the view out of my hotel room at the Palmer House. We were on the executive floor and it was divine. My roomie and I had two bathrooms and a sitting area in our room. We got free breakfast and afternoon appetizers/soft drinks in the lounge on the floor. Plus they had a bar we could get big-girl drinks. Which we did.


Day 234, 9-25-10

What an odd day. This is the first and only day of Chuck's life that I did
not see him at all. Not for one second. Marc and Chuck dropped me off
at my hotel yesterday and I don't go home until tomorrow. It was a
glorious day, though, hanging in the city with my girlfriends. Here are
some of us checking ourselves out in the Bean.


Day 233, 9-24-10

We drove to Chicago today. Marc, Chuck and I went to the Cubs/Cards game. It can be exhausting to take a toddler to a ball game right at nap time.


Day 232, 9-23-10

I was trying to pack for my trip. I got some unwanted help.


Day 231, 9-22-10

I did mention the sunglasses, right? Heehee. He loves them. He doesn't always get them on perfectly, but he will wear them for long stretches of time.


And this one just because he is so beautiful.


Day 230, 9-21-10

Peek-a-boo has made a major comeback around here. Most of the time it is with his hands, but here he is using his shirt. Unfortunately he is also walking around while his shirt is over his head. Wanna guess how this ended?


Day 229, 9-20-10

Most of the time I am amazed at how big he is. Then sometimes an image pops up reminding me how little he still is.


Day 228, 9-19-10

The sunglasses are becoming a major thing around here. Seriously.


Day 227, 9-18-10

I just love all his different facial expressions.


Day 226, 9-17-10

One of two things is true. Either he doesn't get how to use the trike, or I have a major dare-devil on my hands. Frankly I would believe either, given that his father and I met skydiving....


Day 225, 9-16-10

Munching on a lemon. It took a few bites before he realized it doesn't taste very good.