Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 283, 11-13-10

Today we all went to the Magic House, this time with Lauren and Chuck.

This is my 2 year old having a tantrum on the floor. Good times.

This is Karen, Chuck, Jake, and Ryan dancing.

At the end of the day Chuck was tuckered out. So he got some special Daddy-snuggles.

Day 282, 11-12-10

Today I went to the City Museum with Karen, Ryan, Jake and Mike.



Day 281, 11-11-10

Today Chuck got his haircut. I am always amazed afterwards at just how badly he needed it! Here is a before pic and an after.


Day 180, 11-10-10

The day Lauren lost her door.


Day 279, 11-9-10

I am diggin' Chuck's new Chucks. Daddy has the exact same pair.


Day 278, 11-8-10


Day 277, 11-7-10


Day 276, 11-6-10

Lauren taking Chuck down the slide. They had a GREAT time!

Day 275, 11-5-10

No pictures today. I am thinking it has something to do with the flu making its way through our family. Today was my day to get hit with it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 274, 11-4-10


Day 273, 11-3-10


Day 272, 11-2-10

One of us was into the idea of a picture. One of us was not.


Day 271, 11-1-10

My husband is awesome.


Day 270, 10-31-10

Happy Halloween! Chuck was not too excited about this holiday.

There were moments of being ok.  Mostly screaming and crying,  though.

Day 269, 10-30-10

Today Chuck and I went to Boo at the Zoo. Never again. I refused to wait in 90 minute lines to get free candy. Especially since Chuck doesn't eat candy. The place was CRAZY busy. So we went to the butterfly house and rode the train. Then we got out of there and went home.


Day 268, 10-29-10

While looking through photo albums of Chuck, my mother and I came across this picture, taken about a year ago:


I have always thought he looks silly all bent in half like that. Plus I find it odd that his feet are right at his mouth. My mother didn't find this odd at all, and set out to show me how NOT odd it is.


Day 267, 10-28-10

Today was Lauren's last field hockey game of the season. It was SOOOO cold. I am thankful, though, that there really was only one cold game this whole season.

Day 266, 10-27-10

Can you see the check mark on his forehead? He fell on a box...right on the corner.


Day 265, 10-26-10

Just an FYI....I make the world's greatest grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum.


Day 264, 10-25-10

Today we celebrated my birthday by going out to dinner with my mom.


Day 263, 10-24-10


Day 262, 10-23-10

I took Chuck outside to play with sidewalk today. He likes to pretend everything is a phone. And yes, that is chalk in his hair.


Day 261, 10-22-10

Chuck is sick. He came down with something yesterday and has just been a zombie. Poor little love.


He did have a good time with all of his puzzles, despite feeling yucky.


Day 260, 10-21-10

Boo. I didn't take a single picture today.

Day 259, 10-20-10

While playing in the backyard, Chuck felt the need to clean all the leaves off his climber.


Day 258, 10-19-10

Chuck is now in LOVE with swinging in the big boy swing. It was all he wanted to do at the playground today.


Day 257, 10-18-10

Enjoying some coloring time while at a field hockey game.


Day 256, 10-17-10

Today Chuck and I went back to A Day Out with Thomas.

So we got to take a second ride on the train pulled by Thomas. Here is Chuck looking out the window while playing with Percy.


He had a great time coloring and playing with blocks, too.


Day 255, 10-16-10

Today Chuck, Marc, and I went to A Day Out With Thomas. It was so fun!


Chuck checking out Thomas