Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 114, 4-23-12

Today was polka dot day.  And not in a fun way.

Day 113, 4-22-12

Lew is learning a new skill,  cruising.  He is 
certainly not a master yet.  He tends to get his feet 
tangled with each other.  Or he ends up like this...

Day 112, 4-21-12

He is a standing fool!

Day 111, 4-20-12

Chuck is starting to read.  He can read several of the 
BOB books by himself.  I love hearing him sound 
out a word if he doesn't know it.  What a big boy!

Day 110, 4-19-12


Day 109, 4-18-12


Day 108, 4-17-12


Day 107, 4-16-12

Lew and Daddy....
The day he came home from the hospital and 8 months.

Day 106, 4-15-12

Family dinner fun

Day 105, 4-14-12

Another ball game!  This time Chuck joined us.  
He wore his new Cubs hat.  It was crazy weather 
...cold and rainy when we got there to hot and 
sunny by the time we left.  As we got there I was 
mad that I forgot Lew's winter hat.  As we were 
leaving I was wishing I had shorts for him!
Chuck watched some of the game,  but spent most 
of his time coloring.

Day 104, 4-13-12

Today was opening day.  Nana,  Lauren, Lew and I went to the game.  It was cold,  rainy and the Cubs won.  Hmm.....not the best opening day.  Seeing the new World Championship flag flying was awesome, though!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 103, 4-12-12

Today I put Lew down on his belly on the floor. I then fixed my
lunch and left him to play. I turned back around and saw this.

WHAT?!?!? My baby can get himself to a sit now?! SLOW DOWN!

Day 102, 4-11-12

Today was Chuck's first swim lesson since he was 11 months old.
He is old enough that now he has class without Mommy. He was
VERY apprehensive at first. Then the teacher brought out a ball
for them to throw at her to try to splash her. That got him
hooked. He ended up really enjoying it. Hopefully he will
remember the fun when we go back next week!

Day 101, 4-10-12

He might have made a cute girl. LOL...just kidding. He grabbed
one of my new headbands and put it on. He was pretty proud of

Day 100, 4-9-12


Are you noticing the Cubs hat is showing up in a lot of these pics?
He LOVES it. I hid it this morning so he wouldn't insist on
wearing it to school on picture day. I had not planned for the hat
to be a part of the Easter pics, but that is what he wanted.

Day 99, 4-8-12

Today was Easter. We had Nana and Grandpa over for a nice
holiday meal. We had planned to do the egg hunt earlier in the
day, but it all worked out because after nap Nana and Grandpa
were there to be a part of the hunt!



Day 98, 4-7-12

Today we colored Easter eggs. I am so happy that he was so into
it! I have tried in the past to engage him in holiday stuff, and he
has just been uninterested. He really enjoyed dying the eggs,
though! So much so that he asked to do it again for the next few
days. LOL!

Day 97, 4-6-12

Sometimes he is NOT brilliant. Sometimes he is just 3.

Day 96, 4-5-12

At the game, complete with a new Cubs hat for my little boy.

Day 95, 4-4-12

Marc and Chuck took a trip to Chicago together for the Cubs'
opening day. They went up the night before the game and got a
chance to walk around the city a little bit.

Day 94, 4-3-12

Watching both of Karen's boys with Chuck today completely
melted my heart. Just look at the three of them walking around
the Museum of Transportation. So sweet!

Day 93, 4-2-12

Lew did not want to eat when we all went to a restaurant.
Instead he bent over and put his head down on the high chair.
At least he didn't scream!

Day 92, 4-1-12

Karen and sons' visit continued today with a trip to the zoo.

I absolutely love how Karen's older son Ryan helps
Chuck out. He is so sweet with him.

Day 91, 3-31-12

Today we went to the circus with Karen and her boys. Lew fell
asleep in Karen's arms, which was a godsend because then I got
to deal with an unhappy Chuck. When they announced that there
was going to be a 45 minute intermission, Chuck, Lew, Lauren and I left.

Day 90, 3-30-12

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