Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 206, 8-28-10

We were outside playing. I swear he was having fun! What is this face?!?!


Day 205, 8-27-10

Chuck got another hair cut today.

Here is the before, as well as a view of his face after a pen exploded. Somehow the white shirt escaped without ink!
Before.  And....Chuck found a pen this morning.  It exploded.  Somehow,  though,  the white shirt was spared.

During, there were a few tears early, but once Thomas started playing, he was fine.
Big tears.  They stopped once Thomas started playing.


Day 204, 8-26-10

Today was the start of field hockey games. This was a scrimmage between varsity and JV. It was fun to watch!



Day 203, 8-25-10

I guess I kept him out past nap time today. He was a zombie in the back seat!


Day 202, 8-24-10

I love his expression here as we head off on his tricycle!


Day 201, 8-23-10


Day 200, 8-22-10

Guess what we have now? TWO TOILETS!!! I am happy.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 199, 8-21-10

Today's photo credit go to my husband. He and Grandpa took Chuck to the Magic House.





Day 198, 8-20-10

I am loving this preppy outfit. New shirt in size 2T and those same pants/capris in size 6-12 months.


Day 197, 8-19-10

Today we went to the zoo again. This time Chuck actually looked at some of the animals.






Day 196, 8-18-10

We got the little pool out in our backyard today. It took him a while to decide to play in it, but once he did he had a great time!

Day 195, 8-17-10



Day 194, 8-16-10

Maybe not the greatest photo, but I love this pic. I loved this toy when my nephew got it 9 years ago. I loved it so much that my sister got ME one for Christmas that year. It has been sitting in the garage for a few years and I finally remembered to pull it out. Chuck enjoyed it!

Day 193, 8-15-10

Today Chuck had dinner sitting on the bench instead of in his high chair. He was such a good boy. He sat there all through his dinner and even waited there patiently while I cut up fruit for his dessert. It was only later that I realized that he had been playing with sauce he had put on the bench....

Day 192, 8-14-10

I am constantly amazed at how Chuck plays with toys. It just wouldn't occur to me to do this.


Day 191, 8-13-10

Today Marc and I got last minute tickets to the Cubs/Cards game. It was BLAZING hot. Cards won, so it was a good evening, at least from my perspective!

Day 190, 8-12-10

As I was carefully protecting my $10 sunglasses from Chuck, look what he found to play with instead:
I am guessing those will cost more than $10 to replace.

Day 189, 8-11-10

Today I attempted to shave my dog. The clippers ran out long before her hair did. Poor doggie looks butchered now!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 188, 8-10-10

Today I took Chuck to the zoo. Which was an insane idea since it was roughly a billion degrees outside. The butterfly house was COOL.



How cute is this? It looks like he is studying the information on the different butterflies. In fact, he was holding this up to his face and walking around bumping into people. Yep, that was my child.

Day 187, 8-9-10

This is always terrifying. This is the 16 year old driving me around. Yikes.


Day 186, 8-8-10

We are running into a challenge. Chuck can fit into pants that are 6-12 month sized. They fit him perfectly around the waist and bottom. Unfortunately, they are capris on him. I have NO idea what this child is going to wear this winter. Long shorts and high tops?


Day 185, 8-7-10


Day 184, 8-6-10

Today was Marc and my 5th anniversary. We went out for a fancy dinner...him wearing his wedding shoes and me wearing my wedding earrings.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 183, 8-5-10

Chuck's first experience with Playdoh. He didn't get into touching it at all. He did poke at it with some of the toys that came with it. He sort of seemed uninterested, but cried when I started to put it all away.


Day 182, 8-4-10


Day 181, 8-3-10

I had to give our cat a bath tonight. He was not a fan.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 180, 8-2-10

Today Maddie came over. I haven't seen her in several weeks because Lauren has been out of town. Maddie got Chuck to wear a hat, and then sunglasses.




Day 179, 8-1-10

I love my 50mm prime lens. I can get Annie's (one of Thomas' coaches) face in focus and blur the rest of the train. I think it is cool.


Day 178, 7-31-10

During my LBC (life before Chuck) I know I judged mothers. I remember wondering why kids were allowed out of the house with food on their faces. I mean, really, how hard is it to wipe a kid's face, you know?
I now humbly eat those words. It isn't that I don't wipe his face, I just miss some of it in the few seconds I have before Chuck gets frustrated with Mommy messing with him. I usually don't even notice how messy his face is. Tonight I took Chuck out to play after dinner. I THOUGHT I had wiped his face. The photographs tell a different tale.

Close up, no dirt edited out.

After a little photoshop magic to remove the dirt.

Day 177, 7-30-10

We are in the process of moving Chuck's nap from around 10:30 and before lunch to closer to 1 and after lunch. Here he is today eating his lunch. He was a complete zombie. And yes, he is still in his PJs.


Day 176, 7-29-10

Once again Chuck picked a toy that was not intended for his entertainment. Yes, that is a bag of potatoes he is dragging around.


Day 175, 7-28-10

Chuck likes a lot of parts of the Magic House. His favorite, though, may very well be the fake balloons near the ceiling in the entrance foyer. Here he is reaching for them.